'Deadpool 2' Limited Josh Brolin's 'Infinity War' Filming, Don't Blame Wade

Between playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and being Cable in Deadpool 2, actor Josh Brolin is having a heck of a time. But the reality of conflicting shooting schedules kept Brolin from being on set for Infinity War all that much. Still, that doesn’t mean Brolin phoned it in.

On Tuesday, Radio Times published an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of BBC’s Sherlock who is currently playing Doctor Strange in the Marvel franchise. Despite of Strange’s ample screen time with Thanos, Cumberbatch revealed he didn’t spend that much time acting opposite Brolin, because Brolin was shooting Deadpool 2 at the same time.

“They used a stand in for Josh,” Cumberbatch said. “Josh wasn’t in there for much. He did his bit, and then a lot of stuff with a lot of us and him was missing because he was doing, I guess, Deadpool 2 and I was doing Melrose and Current War.” In a funny aside, Cumberbatch realizes how long he’s been involved with Marvel: “Christ. At the beginning of this I just finished Current War. So, uh, but we made it work.”

Cumberbatch added that this is normal. “It’s often the case you can’t act with other actors anyway in certain scenarios, because of the amount of additional stuff that you have to fit in with the environment or magic or whatever it is that’s coming out of your hands or your ass,” he joked.

Before the internet can pounce on Deadpool 2 for keeping Brolin from being super involved with Infinity War, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld said that Brolin worked with the directors of Infinity War, the Russos, for a whole year. “Caution against making Josh or Deadpool the culprit here,” Liefeld tweeted. “The Russo’s would not say this. They worked with Josh for a year on these films.”

Being that Thanos is a supreme being made out of CGI and motion capture, it’s didn’t seem necessary for Brolin to even be around that much on set opposite Cumberbatch or whomever else. After all, Brolin is about to set the bar for Cable, so it’s worth it if Thanos is just another big monster.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27. Deadpool 2 will be released on May 18.