Deadpool's Totally Gonna Call Out Josh Brolin for Being Thanos, Right?

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Update: He already did. Check out Ryan Reynold’s tweet skewering Josh Brolin at the bottom of this post.

Marvel’s foul-mouthed assassin, Deadpool, will have one of his best buddies join him on the big screen when Josh Brolin plays Cable in Deadpool 2. But Brolin is no stranger to comic book movies, as he is already part of the Marvel Universe. Thanks to Deadpool’s power to break the fourth wall, expect Deadpool to say something about the fact that Brolin is already Thanos, the biggest bad guy in the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Brolin has been playing Thanos since his big cameo in the first Avengers movie. Next year, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy (and maybe the Defenders? Maybe?) will team up to fight Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The sequel to last year’s mega-hit Deadpool is maybe releasing in 2018 too, so it’s all but guaranteed Deadpool will reference the MCU from his 20th Century Fox side of the fence. Expect riffs on Cable being a lazy bum who sits on his throne all day, or Cable looking a little too purple that day. Or, just, y’know, that Brolin is soaking up all the cool comic book movies.

What’s extra funny is that, as fans are aware, Ryan Reynolds played the DC superhero Green Lantern after playing Deadpool for the first time in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But the less said about either of those movies, the better.

In Tim Miller’s Deadpool, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds in the role of his career) lived up to his comic book roots by openly embracing the fact that he’s 1) in a movie, 2) is a comic book superhero owned by a corporation, and 3) name-dropping actual actors and other superheroes like Wolverine and Batman. The sequel, directed by David Leitch, will likely maintain that part of Deadpool’s character. He wouldn’t be Deadpool otherwise.

Deadpool 2 is coming soon.

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