'Teen Titans Go': Khary Payton Says "You Will Pee Your Pants"

He needed to get new pants.

After some disappointing candid shots from the set of the upcoming Titans TV show appeared on social media, Teen Titans fans could use a little positive news. A voice actor for the upcoming Teen Titans Go! film “leaked” some encouraging remarks about the movie.

Khary Payton, the voice actor for Cyborg in Teen Titans Go!, talked about the upcoming animated movie based on the show during his panel at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo on April 7. He made it clear that the film, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, is funny. So funny that he was unable to keep control of his bodily functions.

'Teen Titans Go! To the Movies' is out in theaters on July 27.

DC Entertainment / Warner Bros. 

“You need to bring a diaper because you’re going to pee your pants,” he told the audience in attendance. “I have seen it, it is ridiculous. I have peed my pants several times. I’ve had to take several trips to the outlet mall because my jeans are all just soaked. I’m a grown man; I don’t know why it keeps happening.”

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies will have the young superhero team of Robin (Scott Menville), Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), Raven (Tara Strong), Starfire (Hynden Walch), and Cyborg (Payton) try to have a film made about them like the other DC characters. The Titans will go up against their longtime nemesis Slade, better known in the comics as Deathstroke, who is played in the film by Will Arnett. Nicolas Cage will play the role of Superman, which is a bit of an inside joke since the actor was supposed to play the iconic superhero in the canceled Tim Burton film Superman Lives back in the Nineties.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies comes out in theaters on July 27. Season 5 of the show will premiere on Cartoon Network in June.

During the panel, Payton advised the audience to watch Teen Titans Go! To the Movies since his other major role, Ezekiel in The Walking Dead, has been tough, especially with the death of his character’s tiger, Shiva. He remarked how the show tears out a person’s heart, then shoves it back in, and says to come back next week.

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