The Fastest Growing Subreddit Right Now is 'Zuck Memes'

Oh hi Mark.

Screencap, Reddit

Mark Zuckerberg’s painfully awkward testimony in front of Congress on Tuesday and Wednesday inspired the internet to search for comic relief amidst the harsh reality of the social media platform’s bad practices. And according to Reddit, the fastest growing subreddit on Thursday was r/zuckmemes — a place that is exactly what it sounds like.

R/zuckmemes was created six months ago after this meme posted in Reddit’s premier meme community, r/MemeEconomy, provided the right inspiration to branch out.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s testimonies provided a predictably sharp increase in posts in r/zuckmemes, spurred by everything from the Facebook CEO’s wooden demeanor during questioning, to the revelation that the billionaire was sitting on a four-inch cushion, since referred to as Zuckerberg’s booster seat.

A really good meme, submitted by to r/zuckmemes by user doors_1. 


At time of writing, the relatively freshman subreddit had 25,933 users and had achieved a 15.37 percent spike in growth over the past 24 hours, according to Redditlist, which tracks user data from all over the site.

The top performing Zuckerberg roasts definitely chose to focus on the founder’s bizarre-yet-hilariously robotic mannerisms.

Via Reddit user WankBadger84.

"I've grown accustomed to that taste." via user SlimandNone.


A freaky use of photoshop, via user Kiss_Me_Im_A_Liberal

Also the name “Mark” inspired some people to be clever; this gem showed up on r/zuckmemes:

 “What a story mark!" by am3ricanpsycho.


And yeah, there is booster seat content:

"The best type of footwear" posted by user frogdelapepe.

Zuckerberg’s testimony might be over, but he’s definitely not out of the hot seat, as Facebook will continue to combat its issues with safeguarding privacy. As the social media platform and its CEO remain in the news in the coming weeks, this subreddit will probably continue to grow.