Facebook Breach: How to Know If Cambridge Analytica Stole Your Data

Were you affected?

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Facebook is coming clean about which of its two billion users had their account information siphoned by data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica. The social media platform estimates that the data of 87 million people “may have been improperly shared” around the time of the 2016 Presidential Election. Users will finally be able to see what app or online quiz was responsible for handing over data to the firm.

Facebook issued an April 4 press release that stated they would begin notifying those affected by this now-infamous scandal sometime on Monday. Users will receive one of two notifications at the top of their New Feed depending if they were victims of the leak.

A message titled “Protecting Your Information” will appear on Facebook’s home screen. Not only will it reveal whether or not users’ data was handed over to Cambridge Analytica, but it will also give the option to see what apps and websites still have access to that information. The pop-up will allow people to disconnect their accounts from those third-party applications if they choose.

Users affected by the Cambridge Analytical leak will see the message previewed on the right. Those unaffected will see the one to the left.


Based on the sample messages seen above, it seems like some users could have had their data stolen even if their friends took a quiz that required them to log into Facebook. If this is the case, the social media company will disclose what app was responsible but not who logged in.

The statement released by Facebook also showed that a majority of the people affected by this breach, 70 million, were users in the United States.


While the social media platform is giving its users closure, as well as the option to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, the damage has already been done. This scandal has sparked the #DeletFacebook movement that has taken off across social media. Elon Musk, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, and even actor Will Ferrel have all taken down their accounts.

With that said, notifying everyone who was hit by Cambridge Analytica could lead to even more users leaving the site.

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