No, Buzz Aldrin Didn’t Pass a Lie Detector Test About Seeing Aliens

Another day another alien conspiracy theory. This time instead of alleged Martian footprints, there has been news going around that former-astronaut Buzz Aldrin — the second person to set foot on the moon — saw a UFO during one of his missions and took a lie detector to prove it.

This misleading information made its way from tabloid to tabloid until the internet let out a resounding, wait what actually happened? Sadly, the 88-year-old space explorer didn’t see any aliens and he definitely didn’t take a polygraph test. These sensationalist articles just mashed up a bunch of separate stories to make a very eye-catching but oh so deceptive headline.

It all started during the Apollo 11 moon mission in July 1969. When Aldrin and the rest of the crew were on their way to the moon, the astronaut caught a glimpse of a light that seemed to be moving alongside their spacecraft. Aldrin has since issued multiple statements on NASA’s website and even in a Reddit AMA that what he saw that day “was not an alien,” instead it was equipment from the mission. But tabloids will be tabloids.

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The fake news stories claimed that Aldrin and the three other astronauts took a lie detector test proving that he had witnessed a UFO. But this part of the story didn’t even hold up. Christina Korp, a spokeswoman for Aldrin told the Washington Post that he never claimed to have seen an alien vessle.

“He has never said he saw a UFO,” she says. “This story has been a fabrication for the sake of headlines and is not true as far as Buzz Aldrin is concerned.”

The publications pushing this story stated that the lie detector tests were conducted by The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Ohio. This nonprofit organization has developed a program that is allegedly able to evaluate how confident and truthful someone is being while speaking. However, founder Sharry Edwards admitted to The Post that she used Aldrin’s interview from the 2006 documentary Apollo 11: The Untold Story to analyze his statements regarding the sighting instead of having him do it in-person.

Buzz Aldrin speaking with attendees at the 2016 Cloud Summit.

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Not to mention Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, two of the four astronauts that supposedly also took the lie detector test, died in 2016 and 2004 respectively.

It’s best to take Aldrin’s own words for this…especially since he’s been explicitly clear that he didn’t see aliens. We’re sorry conspiracy theorists of the internet, no Martians this time either.