'Krypton' Reveals the Voice of Rao, But Seriously, What is Up With Nyssa?

If you were wondering if the mysterious dude who wears a golden-multi-mask helmet on Krypton was every going to be revealed, you don’t have to wonder anymore. The Voice of Rao has already been unmasked, and he’s not a time traveler like some of us had hoped. But, he is totally under Brainiac’s control.

In the fourth episode of Krypton, we find out in the final moments that the religious leader known as the Voice of Rao is actually infected with the nanoprobes of the inter-dimensional villain with the improbable name “Brainiac.” If you remember the Borg from Star Trek, this is pretty much the same thing, only Brainiac’s form of assimilation is decidedly greener. The actor who has been playing the voice of Brainiac — Blake Ritson has also now been revealed to be playing the Voice of Rao, too. Riston tells Inverse that he was “lucky enough not to audition” for the role, but instead was offered the part by Krypton executive producer David S. Goyer ages ago.

“I’d worked with David S. Goyer for three seasons on a show called Da Vinci’s Demons where I played the villain/anti-hero,” Ritson explains. “He told me a few years ago about a new show he was developing called Krypton, which I always thought sounded like an amazing premise with a really strong direction. Then about a year and a half ago, David got in touch and asked if I’d like to play the Big Bad of the show, Brainiac. He told me some of the crazy twists and turns he envisioned coming up, including the fact that I’d also be playing the Voice of Rao and how he would become infected by Brainiac’s parasite. Obviously, I was all in.”

Riston says that he views what he’s doing on Krypton as “playing three different characters: Brainiac, the Voice of Rao, and the Voice of Rao once infected by Brainiac’s nanotechnology.” But, the Voice of Rao/Brainaic twist wasn’t the only thing that happened this week.

Continuing where last week left off, the latest episode of Krypton also kept pushing this weird love triangle between Seg, Lyta and Nyssa in weird directions. In the newest episode, before the Brainiac reveal, Lyta is framed by the Voice of Rao for treason. But, now, Nyssa is planning to help her by being her emergency space lawyer.

But why? In one telling scene, Nyssa and her father, Daron-Vex, are speaking openly about some huge scheme they’d been working on together. But what was that scheme? And more importantly, is Nyssa one of the good guys are what? It seems unlikely that she’s been infected by any nano-parasites, which means her duplicitous actions are harder to explain. And, so far, none of this explains if she and Seg will end up being the mother and father of a certain Kryptonian named Jor-El. - Krypton airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm on SyFy.

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