Exclusive 'Krypton' Clip: Will Nyssa or Lyta Zod Be Superman's Grandmother?

We know Superman’s father is Jor-El, and his grandfather is Seg-El, star of the new show Krypton, but who is Superman’s grandmother? One mystery of the new prequel show might be teasing exactly that. But, will Jor-El’s mother be from House Zod or House Vex? A new clip from the third episode of Krypton suggests that Seg’s betrothed — Nyssa — is totally aware of his other girlfriend.

Mild spoilers ahead of episode 3 of Krypton.

On Wednesday night, SyFy will air the third episode of Krypton. And in an exclusive preview clip, it’s revealed that Nyssa Vex is totally aware that Seg-El is in love with Lyta Zod. In the pilot episode, it was established that in order to prevent himself from getting totally screwed over, Seg joined house Vex and was betrothed to Nyssa, even though he is secretly in a big fling with Lyta Zod. In the new clip, Nyssa gives Seg some friendly grief for this fact, and lets him know that she has her secrets too, but she’s willing to keep his. For the here and now of the show, this suggests that even though Nyssa is kind of one of the “bad guys,’ she might be someone Seg can sort of trust.

The love triangle of 'Krypton'


The larger implication for Superman aficionados is slightly more complex. We know that House Zod will end up being bitter rivals with House El by Jor-El’s time, which really makes it seem unlikely that Lyta Zod and Seg will get together and have a baby. So, does that mean Nyssa and Seg will end up hooking up? It seems to be vaguely implied in this clip that Nyssa is willing to keep Seg’s secrets, but that could also cut the other way. Would she be cool with sabotaging his relationship with Lyta to get what she wants? We’ll have to keep watching to find out.

New episodes of Krypton air on Wednesdays on SyFy at 10 pm eastern. Episode 3 airs tonight right after the season finale of The Magicians.

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