What to Expect From Kevin Smith's 'The Flash' Season 4 Episode

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith’s latest episode of The Flash in Season 4 is nearly upon us, and you have every right to get your hopes up. Historically, nerd king Kevin Smith has been responsible for some great episodes across the Arrowverse, and there’s every reason to believe he’ll do the same this time around.

Smith has directed several Arrowverse episodes in recent years, namely two episode of The Flash and three episodes of Supergirl. The Flash Season 2’s “The Runaway Dinosaur” was perhaps the high point in Smith’s Arrowverse career, but maybe he can top it this time around with “Null and Annoyed.”

Here’s the official synopsis for Tuesday’s episode, which weirdly enough leaves out anything to do with the newest bus meta:

“Barry (Grant Gustin) and Ralph (guest star Hartley Sawyer) take different approaches to finding the remaining bus metas before DeVoe gets to them. However, Ralph’s cavalier attitude frustrates Barry and the two clash over what it means to be a hero. Meanwhile, Breacher (guest star Danny Trejo) returns to ask Cisco (Carlos Valdes) for a favor.”

All things considered, here’s everything we can expect from “Null and Annoyed”:

4. It’s a “Funny” Episode

The Flash has been much lighter in Season 4 despite the fact that its best episodes were the more serious ones. Kevin Smith has promised several times that this one will be funny. During a March 9 episode of his podcast Fatman on Batman, Smith said, “It’s a good, funny episode. People are going to see it and be like ‘You fcking jumped the shark with this.’ But it’s very funny. There’s some witty sht, and there’s some visual jokes.”

3. Null Is Gender-Bent

Our previous predictions about the meta-human called Null turned out mostly correct … mostly. In The Flash, Null is a gender-bent alternative to her DC Comics counterpart named Janet Petty. She’s a jewel thief that, despite people saying she “manipulates gravity,” she actually fills people with helium to make them float.

Null is one of the last two bus metas, which means she’ll either get killed by DeVoe by the end of the episode or join Team Flash temporarily.

Jay and Silent Bob are in 'The Flash'! ... sort of.

2. Kevin Smith Has a Cameo With Jason Mewes

Sadly, Kevin Smith doesn’t appear in The Flash with Jason Mewes as Silent Bob and Jay, but they will appear together during “Null and Annoyed” as two security guards. They’ll supposedly resemble their iconic characters to some extent.

Danny Trejo's Breacher returns to 'The Flash' in "Null and Annoyed".

The CW

1. Danny Trejo’s Breacher Is Back

Danielle Panabaker — the actress who plays Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost — confirmed via Twitter that Breacher is returning in this episode, with Caitlin and Cisco teaming up to help him solve a problem. According to some scenes already released, he’s having trouble using his powers due to old age and wants help fixing it.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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