'A Quiet Place' Final Trailer Gives Us Closer Look at Noise-Hating Monsters

The apocalypse of A Quiet Place is nearly upon us, and the film’s final trailer offers the best look yet of the insane monsters that hunt sound in the movie. Based on the new footage, you have every right to be totally terrified of what’s about to go down.

On Monday, Paramount Pictures released the final trailer for A Quiet Place ahead of the film’s release on Friday, and though most of the footage we’ve already seen in previous trailers, we do get more footage than ever before featuring these noise-hating monsters. Previously, the only thing we saw from these creatures in a trailer was when one reaches out with three clawed fingers to scratch the wall behind Emily Blunt’s Evelyn Abbott as she lay in a bathtub. So what to they look like exactly?

The new footage doesn’t show much, but it’s still a whole lot more than we usually get with films like this. In the first of three seemingly very important shots, an old man screams at the top of his lungs in what could only be some kind of suicide:

The creature looks fairly large, taller than humans with long, muscular limbs. It moves in a hunched-over kind of way, but its physiology does look deeply reminiscent of the original Cloverfield monster.

In another brief shot from the movie, we see Emily Blunt’s character watch surveillance footage from her family’s property. You can see a monster streak past the camera from an even better perspective:

From this, it looks like the creatures run like quadrupeds, moving with incredible speed almost like a insectlike cheetah or something.

Remember those three clawed fingers from the previous trailer? They make another close-up appearance in a terrifying new shot from the movie. Presumably in the same basement from the previous shot, Emily Blunt’s character shushes her daughter as the creature walks down the stairs behind her:

So these creatures look incredibly powerful with sharp claws, and they’re capable of running at rapid speeds. We can safely assume they have some kind of super-hearing, but random text in the background of some trailers has already revealed that the creatures are also blind.

You can’t help but wonder: What the heck to their heads look like? For that chilling bit of info, you’ll just have to go see it in theaters later this week.

A Quiet Place hits theaters on April 6.