'A Quiet Place' Trailer Finally Shows Us the Noise-Hating Monster

It brings new meaning to the phrase "painfully quiet."

One terrifyingly quiet new horror movie called A Quiet Place gives us a peek at a world where making even the smallest amount of noise could mean a violent death. In the latest trailer, we finally get the smallest look at the monsters that hunt anything that makes a noise.

On Monday, Paramount Pictures released a full trailer for A Quiet Place after its startling teaser that aired just before the Super Bowl, offering more context about what supernatural threats force a family to not make any noises.

The film stars Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow) and her real-life husband John Krasinski (The Office) as parent strying to survive in a dreary apocalypse with their two children. Some kind of supernatural monster viciously hunts and kills anything that makes a sound, so the family spends their time talking in sign language and walking barefoot on trails of sand through some dilapidated small town in rural America.

“Never make a sound.” is the only rule they live by.

Up until now, all we’ve seen of this monster are the huge claw marks left on the wall of a stairwell in their home:

How big are these creatures?

Paramount Pictures

When one of the children naively plays with a spaceship toy while the family is outside, its noise immediately attracts the monster. The trailer offers an incredibly tense scene in which Krasinski’s character sprints to reach his child. In the woods nearby, we see some massive shape movie swiftly through the trees.

But the trailer’s most horrifying moment comes at the very end when Blunt’s character descends into a bathtub, seemingly in labor, and one of the creatures reaches out to touch the wall near her head:

The nature of this apocalypse remains just as mysterious as these monsters, but snippets of a television broadcast featured in the trailer make mention of “military fighting a massive invasion” and “total devastation.” The whiteboard also notes that they’re blind, hunt in packs, and they don’t eat their kill.

Where do these monsters come from?

Paramount Pictures

Headlines on newspapers say things like “massive power outages,” “U.S. military defeated,” and “armor is impenetrable!”

Based on their costumes, it seems almost like several of these scenes presented takes place at the initial outbreak of the “event” in November 2018. Blunt’s dress and red sweater can be seen in front of the TV monitors and again when she enters the tub, along with a scene in which she speaks:

“Who are we if we can’t protect them?” she asks her husband.

Who says they even can?

A Quiet Place will be released in theaters April 6, 2018.

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