5 'The Walking Dead' Questions After "Still Gotta Mean Something"


AMC’s The Walking Dead is hurtling towards this season’s epic conclusion to the “All Out War.” With only two episodes left, there still remain tons of questions about what’s going to happen between now and this season’s epic conclusion in just a few weeks.

On Sunday night, AMC aired “Still Gotta Mean Something,” a super-sized episode all about the hunt for the missing Henry and the escaped Saviors after last week’s total shitshow.

We get a lot of closure between several of the show’s pairings. Rick and Morgan. Carol and Morgan. Negan and Jadis. There’s a lot going on, but it’s more important than ever for this season to wrap up certain plotlines. But despite all this, there still remain tons of questions about not only the end of this way but also about the future of this world.

So with only two episodes left in this season for The Walking Dead, here are 5 important questions that remain:

Carl (Chandler Riggs) might be dead, but when is his death going to change his father? 


5. Will Carl’s Death Ever Matter?

If “Still Gotta Mean Something” made anything clear, it’s that Rick is still a violent badass with utter disregard for doing what’s right. He and Morgan get captured by the escaped Saviors and pretend that they can all go back to Hilltop and get a “fresh start,” and despite a charming speech about giving “his word,” he lies and murders them all with Morgan. The point here is that Rick is long overdue for a redemptive arc, which is probably why he finally read Carl’s goodbye letter in the episode’s final moments. It’s about time!

Does this monster need to die?


4. Is Henry Going to Die?

A lot of people are pissed off at Henry after what happened last week. Henry was looking for some kind of revenge and bungled the whole thing, accidentally letting all of the imprisoned Saviors loose, ushering in chaos that led to plenty of deaths at Hilltop. Carol and Morgan spend a huge stretch of time this episode looking for the kid, and they’re pretty relieved when Carol’s able to find him. But still, karma’s a bitch.

Henry (Macsen Lintz) in 'The Walking Dead'.


3. Or Is Henry Becoming the New Carl?

In a way, Henry’s become the new Carl, a hapless youth whose naivete causes problems for everyone more often than his innocence helps inspire people to be better. We saw Carl mature out of this annoying phase over the years, and he was at his most admirable this season in his final days. But most importantly here, Carl doesn’t die in the comics, so what happens to his abandoned plotlines? It’s totally possible that Henry will take over, essentially becoming the surrogate Carl.

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in 'The Walking Dead'.


2. Will Rick Ultimately Spare Negan?

How many times have we heard Rick say that he’s going to kill Negan? For a stretch, it seemed like the show was setting up a merciful, redemptive arc for Rick, but in this episode, he’s never been more ruthless. Carl wanted everyone to get along and stop the war, but will Rick listen before the very end and spare Negan? Better question: Why does everyone, like Jadis this time around, avoid killing Negan?

A helicopter appears on 'The Walking Dead'.


1. Who the Heck is Flying That Helicopter?

One of this season’s growing mysteries has been the helicopter that flies around every now and then. In “Still Gotta Mean Something,” it looks like Jadis knows more about it than she’s letting on because she had Negan tied up and was waiting around with flares when the helicopter showed up. Negan’s trick foiled her plan to flag down the copter, which only makes things that much more confusing. Jadis clearly knows something, but not quite enough to be in cohoots with whoever’s flying the thing.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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