Netflix Documentaries 2018: 14 Movies and Shows to Watch in April

From serial killers to food porn, Netflix has you covered.


Over the years, Netflix has built up an impressive library of documentary films and docuseries, and some of the best it has to offer all remain Netflix exclusives. True crime docuseries might be a popular trend for the streaming platform, but it’s just as successful at producing some of the best food porn out there today.

Netflix gets two new documentaries in April. One examines the philosophical life lessons of a popular Sixties spiritual leader at the tail end of his life, and the other displays some of the most beautiful desserts in the world that you will never, ever get to eat.

Plenty of new documentary films and series have been released on Netflix in the last few months. This list includes some of the best not only in recent memory but perhaps of all time.

So here’s a look at all the best documentaries you can find on Netflix, along with a nod to the two new ones coming out in April.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the modern king of pop culture physics.

National Geographic

Joan Didion in 'The Center Will Not Hold'.


Netflix explores what it takes to make a murderer.


Who killed Sister Cathy?


'One of Us' shows just how hard it is to leave such an insulated community.


Rangers risk their lives to save gorillas in a national park.


Ram Dass in 'Going Home'.

Further Pictures

No, 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' won't tell you who Banksy really is.

Producers Distribution Agency

These toys defined our entire culture.


Jim Carrey in 'Jim & Andy' on Netflix.


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