Captain Kirk Is, Thankfully, Not a Flat-Earther


As Captain Kirk, William Shatner explored the more far-off reaches of outer space, boldly going where nobody has gone before. So, it’s really no surprise that Shatner has no time for dummies on Twitter using his image and a bogus quote to promote flat-Earth conspiracy theories. The saucer on the Enterprise is flat. The Earth is not.

On Tuesday, the British Flat Earth Association (@BritFlatEarth) posted a now-deleted tweet containing Shatner’s picture and the quote “I was fooled by science, the Earth is flat,” which he supposedly said on April 15, 2017.

“Great to have the support from another leading figure in society,” @BritFlatEarth wrote in the body of the tweet, setting the organization up for a great self-own. “The more we get voicing their views, the more credible our argument is for the wider public.”

Shatner, in response, set his phasers to kill.

“Please remove this lie immediately,” he tweeted. “I do not support you nor is this falsely attributed quote accurate”

Shatner, although a beloved and towering figure in pop-culture, has a well-earned reputation for being, well, a bit of a dick. It was nice to see him unload at worthwhile targets instead of ranting about “SJWs.”

The British Flat Earth Association deleted the tweet and posted an apology. “We would like to formally apologize to William Shatner for the misattributed quote posted earlier today,” the tweet reads. “This falls below the high standards by BFEA and it’s members.”

The irony of Flat-Earthers saying they have high standards is, we can all agree, exquisite.

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