Why You Can't Prove A Flat-Earther Wrong

It should be easy.

by Inverse Video

The Flat Earth Society is at it again, much to the disdain of scientists everywhere. Many sane people might be wondering, how do we convince them just how wrong they are?

The problem is, there are too many contradicting ideas and stories among flat-Earthers. Their theories don’t align, so you can’t pick apart a single one because there are more waiting around the corner. There are a couple dozen different theories among different flat-Earth groups explaining gravity, the “edge of the world,” the sun … and none of them make sense. Like the Hydra, if you cut off one of its theories, two more will spring up somewhere else.

This horribly miseducated conspiracy theory will probably stick around for a while, especially if B.o.B.’s riveting GoFundMe campaign gets funded.

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