The Flat Earth Society and Elon Musk's Terrible Twitter Conversation

Getty Images / Mark Brake

In case you needed further evidence that we’re all living in the Upside-Down, on Tuesday, the Flat Earth Society earnestly answered a bizarre question Elon Musk tweeted earlier in the day. Somehow, the saga just gets weirder and weirder.

To backtrack, Musk had had trolled Flat Earthers with a couple of tweets, most notably, one asking why there’s “no Flat Mars society.” As Inverse pointed out Tuesday, there does seem to be a sect of Flat Earthers who also identify at Flat Marsers, but that’s beside the point.

A few hours later, the Flat Earth Society — which is somehow verified on Twitter — casually responded to Musk’s question.

Honestly, it’s not even worth listing out the irrefutable evidence that the Earth is indeed round, or trying to apply logic to this totally illogical tweet. Simply put, the idea that Mars can be observed as round — but Earth cannot — is inherently horse shit. I guess NASA spacecraft that take images of Earth, Mars, and other planets are all in on the conspiracy. Wake up, SHEEPLE.

At this time, it doesn’t seem Musk has responded to the Flat Earth Society. Hopefully, he never will. At the very least, we got to experience the next phase in this bizarre saga that somehow left us feeling even more confused.

It’s only a matter of time before those people who think planets are an elaborate hoax decide to join in on the conversation, bringing this whole thing from bad to worse.

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