This Is the First Martian Housing Complex

Mars One says they've figured out how colonists will survive the Red Planet.


In news that could either encourage the final 100 candidates for the one-way Mars One mission or give a few more reason to drop out, a U.S. engineering company says they’ve figured out how to build the pods they’ll call home.

The inelegantly-named Surface Habitat Environmental Control and Life Support Systems will be the colonist’s best protection from the environment, as well as recovering water from the soil and pulling nitrogen/argon out of the atmosphere and a host of other functions.

Arizona’s Paragon Space Development Corporation designed the habitat to be as autonomous as possible, as colonists will have enough on their plates just surviving. The structures are even inflatable.

It bears repeating, should this mission get funded and the tech work out, there’s no coming home. Even if you could get a ship back, Mars’ low gravitational field will have changed your physiology. Return to Earth, your circulatory system will fail you. So take a good look candidates, and be sure this is where you want to grow old.

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