The Terrible Idea of Giving Birth on Mars Has Been Postponed Indefinitely

Maggie Lieu no longer wants a one-way ticket to Mars.


Maggie Lieu is abandoning her dream to be the first woman to go into labor on the Red Planet. Probably because the 24-year-old astrophysics student, who is very smart, realized this was about as dumb a dream as one could have sober.

Lieu made headlines with her announcement after beating out 200,000 other applicants to get on the 100-person shortlist for Mars One, a $6 billion project to send a one-way manned mission to a little red dot in the sky. “You should probably know that I have made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Mars One program. Still I wish them the best of luck,” she wrote on Twitter, failing to elaborate what her reasons were and whether they indeed had anything to do with that dream sequence in Total Recall where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head explodes.

Projections remain firm that the first native Martian will be, presumably, Matt Damon. And if Maggie Lieu does have a kid, he won’t grow up to be the first world’s first extra-terrestrial.