52 Pieces of Incredibly Engineered Running Gear on Amazon Prime

Let engineering and science turn you into the fitness buff of your dreams.

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There’s no better, more accessible way to get fit, or even just a little fitter, than running. You might just circle your block a couple times after work. You might swear by your 6-mile route through the park at 5 a.m. (freak). Whichever your style, you need the right gear.

It’s tempting just to break out the sneakers you’ve had since high school and get moving that way, but it’s never been a better time for serious or aspiring runners in terms of the tools now available to them. Apps, trackers, sneakers, and socks, have evolved to make exercising comfortable and efficient. Here, we’ve collected everything you need to become a confident, successful runner; and, potentially, the sort of person who logs run times on their Instagram stories. Hey, it’s your life.

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52. Adidas UltraBOOST All-Terrain Running Shoes

Quite simply, Adidas's UltraBOOST is the best sole technology in the world. It cushions, supports, and provides a serious, you guessed it, boost, during exercise. Through patented manufacturing methods (or, as I'm more inclined to believe, magic), the UltraBOOST soles last a long time, too, even with heavy use. This is the all-terrain version, which combines a lightweight upper with more hard-wearing, water-resistant material. Amazon, $220

new balance

51. New Balance 620v2 Trail Running Shoes

New Balance kill the game when it comes to insanely comfortable, affordable running shoes. They should – they've been at it a long time. These trail running shoes won't win any beauty pageants, but that might just make you feel inclined to run a little bit faster. Amazon, $62.42


50. Nike Vapormax Asphalt

Nike is still the first name in beautiful, intricate, hyped-up running shoes, and for good reason. The Vapormax comes at a premium, but its space-age design and superior, super comfy build are well worth it. Amazon, $238

wave rider

49. Mizuno Wave Rider 21

There is a small but vocal contingent that absolutely swears by the Wave Runner shoe. Its proprietary mesh upper is lightweight to the point of feeling nonexistent, while still providing great support. Amazon, $119.95

ultraboost laceless

48. Adidas UltraBOOST Laceless

Another UltraBOOST entry because, you guys, you have to feel this to believe it. The laceless version of Adidas's tentpole shoe feels like wearing the world't most comfortable, sturdiest sock. Amazon, $134.86

new balance

47. New Balance Classic 574S Sneaker

A retro-as-hell design gives these New Balance sneakers some charm and flair, while still functioning as well-built sports sneaker that will help you stay on your feet all day without feeling like you want to die. Amazon, $89.98


46. Nike Lunarepic Flyknit 2

Nike's Lunarepic technology is no doubt a budget option, but there's still a reason this is the most popular running company on the market. These might not feel just as great as Vapormax when you're five miles deep into a serious run, but they hold up surprisingly well in even the most trying workout conditions. Amazon, $98.72

ultraboost 3

45. Adidas UltraBOOST Men's Performance Running Shoes

A normal pair of UltraBOOSTS for the everyday user. These are as good on the running track as they are on a grocery run. Amazon, $165

brooks launch sneaker

44. Brooks Launch 4

You're not gonna get a more comfortable pair of sneakers for $65. In fact, I'd wager you're not going to get a more comfortable pair for much, much more money than that, too. Amazon, $65

vapormax black

43. Nike Vapormax Flyknit

This pitch-black version of Nike's flagship product is as low-key as you're gonna get while still working out atop literal air bubbles. Sneakers are wild. Amazon, $264.95


42. Asics Dynaflyte 2

Asics puts together a good running shoe, and the Dynaflyte 2 is an improvement on the formula they've been mastering and perfecting for years now. It's pretty good-looking, too, which is saying something for a running shoe. Amazon, $100.88


41. TuneBand for iPhone

The TuneBand is a no-frills but exceedingly well-built running band (actually, they provide you with two sizes for any kind of fit) that you can wear on your wrist or your upper arm. Amazon, $21.99

yipinu arm band

40. Yipinu Sports Armband

The YinPinu is the SUV of phone bands, with enough space for your keys and other items, and a fully waterproof casing for your phone. There's also some nifty hi-vis detailing, which gives the whole thing a very professional feel. Amazon, $12.69

rotatable arm band

39. VUP iPhone Running Armband 180° Rotatable

VUP's rotatable band can fit just about any phone, and its Inspector Gadget-like design is really neat for if you need to fire off a quick text, but don't want to halt your momentum. Amazon, $10.99

myband running band

38. MyBand Cell Phone Armband for Running

The MyBand is super stretchy and fits nice and firmly, giving peace of mind to even the most neurotic phone owner. There's also an extra pocket for your door key. Amazon, $14.99

i2 band

37. i2 Gear iPhone Running & Exercise Sportband with Fingerprint Touch, Key Holder

The i2 is an attractive, old-school take on the running band, with a full protector for your phone screen, but a helpful cutout for TouchID. Amazon, $6.99

trianium band

36. Trianium Armband For iPhone

The name of the game here is compatibility: the Trianium promises it fits most phones – even in their cases! It comes in a bunch of different colors too. There's something for everyone. Amazon, $8.49

gonex band

35. Gonex Sports Armband

Another heavy duty, painfully affordable waterproof case, with a hole for your earphones, whichever kind they may be. Gonex have made a good name for themselves over the years as a reliable accessories company. Amazon, $8.99


34. Stashbandz

This unisex running belt actually fits over your waist, if you'd rather not flash your phone at passersby while you work out. It has four separate, super-secure pockets, so you can bring a bunch of stuff with you without it impeding your movement. Amazon, $22.99

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cycling jacket

33. Przewalski Men’s Winter Thermal Cycling Bike Jacket

A suitably lightweight jacket that fits snugly (order one size up if you'd like a looser fit) and has plenty of storage for phones and keys. What more could you ever ask for? Amazon, $34.99


32. MERIWOOL Baselayer Crew

The Meriwool baselayer thermal not only keeps you dry and cool during even the most intense workouts, but it makes you look like a jacked superhero. Amazon, $49.99

everworth hoodie

31. EVERWORTH Workout Hoodie

A simple but attractive hoodie that won't get in the way of some serious movement. Amazon, $27.96

tesla hoodie

30. Tesla Performance Hoodie

No, not that Tesla. This performance hoodie comes in all manner of colors, so you can add a bit of personal flair to when you nearly get run over by a cab running a pedestrian walkway. Amazon, $23.98

adidas hoodie

29. Adidas men's Running Jacket

Adidas, the patron saint of modern running tech, comes through with a solid, classically-designed jacket. Amazon, $35.97

under armour

28. Under Armour Vital Warm-Up Jacket

Under Armour put together some of the most reliable and well-engineered workout gear on the market. This jacket is simple, and will go with just about anything. Even those horrific bright red gym shorts you still have from college. Amazon, $49.99

Umbro jacket

27. Umbro Double Diamond Jacket

Umbro has fallen out of favor a little as the athletics company du jour, but its throwback double-diamonds sleeve design is unmistakeable and due for a comeback. Be on the cutting edge of that. Amazon, $40.75

sponeed jacket

26. Sponeed Wind Jacket

This nifty jacket both cuts the effects of a gnarly headwind on your run, and still keeps a good airflow going while you move around. God bless you, workout science. Amazon, $34.00

coldgear thermal

25. Under Armour Coldgear Compression Thermal

Base-layer compression thermals are where it all started for Under Armour, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it, This is a must-have basic for anyone who even thinks about signing up for a gym membership. Amazon, $49.99

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24. Garmin vívosmart HR+

Not only does this bad boy come in some swanky colors other than black, but it tracks more than just steps, too. You can swim, bike, or watch a stressful movie with this thing, and it'll accurately track your heart rate for all of it. Amazon, $129.92


23. Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch

For not only the health but the budget-conscious. The Wesoo isn't packed with features, but it'll track your steps and will yell at you if you sit still for too long. Listen, some people like that. Amazon, $29.99

Fitbit Charge 2

22. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit's the big name in fitness trackers, and for good reason: its sleek look makes it one of the more fashionable trackers out there (you can swap out the band, too), and it even connects to your smartphone so you won't be distracted from your workout when your buddy texts you about that one good SNL sketch from the other night. Amazon, $128

21. Misfit Ray

The Ray is, in a word, gorgeous. It looks like something a rich, virtuous Star Wars character would wear. Its minimalist design and plethora of features via its smartphone app will make you want to hit the gym, if you can believe it. Amazon, $38.99


20. Moov Now

Versatile and weird-looking (in a very cool way), the Moov Now can be worn on your wrist or your ankle. If you want to do some boxing, you can even wear two of 'em and it tracks that, too. Amazon, $59.85

Apple Watch on display.

19. Apple Watch Series 3

Of course, the Apple Watch is for more than just fitness, but if you want to go all-out on features and don't mind the price tag, you've got a great workout tracker right here. The Apple Watch tracks steps, flights of stairs, swimming, you name it. You can talk to it, too. Amazon, $339


18. Moov HR

For the super-serious fitness junkies out there, this thing attaches to your torso and measures everything from your heart rate to how many calories you burn. It connects to most smartphone fitness apps and delivers real-time data and goals. It's like wearing your own personal trainer! Amazon, $57.30

fitbit alta

17. Fitbit Alta HR

All the features you've come to expect from Fitbit, packed into a smaller, slimmer body. Cute. Amazon, $129

fitbit ionic
Fitbit Ionic

16. Fitbit Ionic

The Ionic stores over 300 songs on top of doing everything else you'd expect from a top-of-the-line smartwatch. That means you can leave your phone at home and achieve total enlightened focus, like some kind of ripped Buddhist monk. Amazon, $128

garmin 2

15. Garmin vívosmart 3

Classic design, no-frills, and even tells you what your "fitness age" is. That sounds horrifying and is something I would frankly never want to know, but then again I consider walking anything more than 3 blocks a grueling adventure. Amazon, $109.99

14. Motiv Ring

This thing is just nuts. All the perks of a fitness tracker stuffed into a freaking RING. Up your game, all you chunky silicon watches. Motiv, $128

smsng gear fit 2

13. Samsung Gear Fit2

Yes, even Samsung has a fitness smartwatch. It's got a nice big screen, because this is Samsung we're talking about. Amazon, $129

12. Polar A370

Designed to be worn every minute of every day, so that you may become an ultra-efficient cyborg with tremendous calves. Amazon, $159

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darn tough socks

11. Darn Tough No-Show Socks

Darn Tough makes some of the best socks in the game, offering lifetime warranties on all of them to back up their name. These no-show merino wool socks provide support and comfort, no matter what you do with them. Amazon, $15.50

under armour socks

10. Under Armour Adult Resistor 3.0, 6-Pack

Under Armour keeps churning out the hits that have made them one of the most essential sportswear brands out there today. Their Resistor 3 socks will last a long time, and if, God forbid, they don't, you'll have five other pairs to back you up.Amazon, $21.99

mumubreal socks

9. Mumubreal Cushioned Athletic Socks

These moisture-wicking socks fit most adult shoe sizes (6-13) and provide superior comfort and fit for the soles of your feet. That's the part you run on, which is handy. Amazon, $12.99

tdeal socks

8. Tdeal Men's Compression Socks, 4-Pack

For those of you who want to run comfortable with a little flair, Tdeal's offering won't just keep you energized, they'll catch the eye as you fly by, too. Amazon, $14.99

nike socks

7. Nike Performance Cushion Crew Socks

You just can't go wrong with Nike, the biggest name in sportswear. Their performance crew socks support and protect everything from your toes to your ankles. Amazon, $19.40

adidas running socks

6. Adidas Cushioned Quarter Compression Socks

Adidas's compression socks feel thick, giving you a bouncier run than usual, but the material itself is wonderfully light and thin. SO comfy, they feel like they might be a part of your foot. Amazon, $9.99

Balega running sock

5. Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic No-Show Running Socks

You don't just want some running socks that last, but you want some that don't actively hurt either. Balega's "hidden comfort" promise is actually anything but hidden. Amazon, $13

adidas copa zone 2

4. Adidas Copa Zone II

For a more retro, soccer-enthusiast look, the Copa Zone II combines all the essential features of a good athletic sock: comfort, fit, and resilience; with a very cool, unique look. Amazon, $11.87

joynee socks

3. Joynée 6-Pack Running Crew Socks

Joynée's six pack of serious crew running socks will last a good long time, even when you inevitably lose two pairs to the laundry almost immediately. Amazon, $20.99

pro mountain ankle socks

2. Pro Mountain Quarter-Ankle Athletic Sports Socks

It's a hiking socks, it's a running sock, it's a football sock, it really doesn't matter: it's a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails sock that will get you where you need to go. Amazon, $14.99

tdeal arch socks

1. Tdeal Men's Athletic Arch Support Compression Socks

These amazing-designed socks feature built-in arch support, something not even a lot of shoes offer. That's nuts, and on top of it all, they look and feel great, too. Amazon, $12.99