Super High-Tech Sports Outerwear for Any Workout

Let these jackets and shirts keep you warm and moving, no matter the weather.

running jacket

We’ve already brought you the very best, most comfortable running sneakers Amazon has to offer, and now it’s time to turn our attention a little higher.

Performance shirts, jackets, and so on are tough. They need to protect you from the harsh elements, but still provide a breathable, cool fabric that won’t make you feel bogged down the minute you jog three blocks. Here are the most heavy-duty, but also lightweight (we know, we know) offerings you can get delivered right now. There’s no better time.

cycling jacket

9. Przewalski Men’s Winter Thermal Cycling Bike Jacket

A suitably lightweight jacket that fits snugly (order one size up if you’d like a looser fit) and has plenty of storage for phones and keys. What more could you ever ask for? [Amazon, $34.99]


8. MERIWOOL Baselayer Crew

The Meriwool baselayer thermal not only keeps you dry and cool during even the most intense workouts, but it makes you look like a jacked superhero. [Amazon, $49.99]

everworth hoodie

7. EVERWORTH Workout Hoodie

A simple but attractive hoodie that won’t get in the way of some serious movement. [Amazon, $27.96]

tesla hoodie

6. Tesla Performance Hoodie

No, not that Tesla. This performance hoodie comes in all manner of colors, so you can add a bit of personal flair to when you nearly get run over by a cab running a pedestrian walkway. [Amazon, $23.98]

adidas hoodie

5. Adidas men’s Running Jacket

Adidas, the patron saint of modern running tech, comes through with a solid, classically-designed jacket. [Amazon, $35.97]

under armour

4. Under Armour Vital Warm-Up Jacket

Under Armour put together some of the most reliable and well-engineered workout gear on the market. This jacket is simple, and will go with just about anything. Even those horrific bright red gym shorts you still have from college. [Amazon, $49.99]

Umbro jacket

3. Umbro Double Diamond Jacket

Umbro has fallen out of favor a little as the athletics company du jour, but its throwback double-diamonds sleeve design is unmistakeable and due for a comeback. Be on the cutting edge of that. [Amazon, $40.75]

sponeed jacket

2. Sponeed Wind Jacket

This nifty jacket both cuts the effects of a gnarly headwind on your run, and still keeps a good airflow going while you move around. God bless you, workout science. [Amazon, $34.00]

coldgear thermal

1. Under Armour Coldgear Compression Thermal

Base-layer compression thermals are where it all started for Under Armour, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, This is a must-have basic for anyone who even thinks about signing up for a gym membership. [Amazon, $49.99]