This Guy's Pledge to "Secure" Schools "for Free" Is Now a Hilarious Meme

Twitter did not take well to the idea.


Twitter is roasting a man that promised to use his wide array of weapons to protect schools, complete with a picture of himself posing in full gear. In a widely-shared tweet posted Monday, a user called “CarlosCruz2016” pledged that he would use his AR-15, tactical gear, concealed carry, primary and alternate sidearms to “secure the children” — for free.

“I PLEDGE TO WORK FOR FREE for any school to help secure the children,” the user wrote in a now-deleted tweet that listed his weapons and included a selfie. “I am a retired veteran, 29 years of service, Infantry Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Ranger with combat experience.”

It comes at a tense time for the United States, as a school shooting in Parkland, Florida has left 17 dead and sparked a new debate around gun violence. In a listening session with students from Parkland and parents of gun violence victims on February 21, President Donald Trump proposed arming teachers, an idea that has since been roundly mocked.

This veteran’s offer on Monday was also met with skepticism from a number of users, who saw placing such a man in close proximity to schools as perhaps not the best solution to mass shootings:

Others thought Mac and Charlie from It’s Always Sunny could help out:

Or maybe the Star Wars universe could help:

Hulk Hogan to the rescue:

Others suggested enlisting the help of the General:

There were references to Arrested Development:

Minecraft is no joke:

Even Dragon Ball Z got a shout:

Some took it in a more old school direction:

Thanks, Obama:

As for the original subject, he’s deleted all reference to the tweet from his account, only leaving a follow-up message that suggested he was less-than-impressed by the response.

“I served in the U.S. Army for 29 years,” the user later wrote on his page. “Leave it to a bunch of trolls to continue to be part of the problem instead of the Solution.”

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