Everything We Know About Every Earth in the Arrowverse

What's in those worlds we've never gone to?

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The greater multiverse featured in The CW’s Arrowverse is a huge place, with 53 parallel dimensions existing simultaneously. Though we’ve only visited a few different ones — and mostly just on The Flash — we’ve learned about many of them over the years through sparse details. After all, Cisco Ramon’s powers as Vibe allow him to open breaches to anywhere in the multiverse, and Supergirl exists in its own universe.

If you’ve ever wondered about what goes on in these various worlds, you can look to DC Comics for more information. In most cases, the Arrowverse replicates many of the same details to varying extent. Much of the time it’ll come off as a random Easter egg, but more often than not, there’s a precedent in the comics.

Here’s everything we know about every confirmed Earth in the Arrowverse multiverse, with gaps for the worlds we haven’t heard about just yet.

Earth-1 has a LOT of heroes defending it.

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Almost every hero and villain you’ll meet in the Arrowverse comes from Earth-1. It’s the primary setting for Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Earth-2: Home of H.R. Wells, Jesse Quick, and the murderous Zoom.

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Earth-2 is one of the most frequently-referenced worlds in the Arrowverse, with many meta-human doppelgangers.

As the speedster Zoom, Hunter Zolomon terrorized Earth-2 until doing the same to Earth-3 and then Earth-1. Harry Wells originally came from this Earth. Towards the end of The Flash Season 2, Zoom brought many meta-humans to Earth-1 to fight Team Flash, including the Earth-2 doppelganger of Laurel Lance, who goes by Black Siren due to her sonic scream powers. (She’s been a major antagonist lately on Arrow.)

Earth-2 has a version of Atlantis (home of Aquaman in the comics), and according to Earth-2 Barry’s phone, he’s friends with three names DC Comics fans will recognize: Bruce, Hal, and Diana. It makes no sense for a non-powered Barry Allen to be friends with Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman, but that’s nonetheless the Easter egg The Flash provided.

Earth-3 is a beautiful place.

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Home to the older Jay Garrick Flash, Earth-3 is pretty similar to Earth-1 with a few exceptions — though it’s mostly just an affinity for zeppelins and Tommy guns.

Zoom terrorized this Earth and kidnapped its Flash sometime between The Flash Season 1 and 2. After Barry freed Jay Garrick at the end of Season 2, Garrick resumed protecting Earth-3. But Garrick took Wally’s place inside the Speed Force in Season 3, Jesse Quick volunteered to transfer over to Earth-3, where she protected the world until his return.

In Earth-3, the cartoonish Trickster (Mark Hamill) looked a lot like The Joker, which is a fun little Easter egg if you know Hamill spent years voicing the Clown Prince of Crime.

One of the stranger Wellses comes from this Earth.

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We know very little about Earth-12, but in The Flash Season 4’s “When Harry Met Harry…” we met several different versions of Harrison Wells as part of the “Council of Wells.” The one from Earth-12 was Harrison Wolfgang Wells, a nihilistic writer Cisco referred to as the “dickish Wells.” He speaks with a German accent and is utterly contemptuous of everyone. Maybe that’s how everyone from Earth-12 is?

So Earth-13 is Middle-earth?

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Earth-13 is a weird, seemingly magical place akin to Middle-earth. Or it’s full of cosplayers. Hailing from this Earth, Wells the Grey is a cheap knock-off of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. Like Wolfgang, he also appeared when Harry tried to recruit a Council of Wells.

Wells the Grey took over Cisco’s blog once to talk about Claus of the North, a suppose demon-elf that delivers presents.

If it's not a dead Earth already then it totally is now.

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Harry Wells described Earth-15 as a “dead Earth” during “The Trial of the Flash,” and Cisco breached a nuclear explosion there to save Central City. If that Earth wasn’t already dead, it sure is on its way to being that now. In the comics, the most powerful iteration of Superman — Superboy-Prime — destroyed Earth-15. Maybe that’s what happened there?


When Cisco tried his hand at interdimensional dating, he connected with an Earth-16 cocktail waitress addicted to late-night television.

What do those goggles do?

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Earth-17 is dominated by an English steampunk aesthetic, exemplified by that universe’s brilliant version of Harrison Wells that Team Flash almost recruited.

These two Breachers are from Earth-19.

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Following a disastrous war between worlds in the Nineties, Earth-19 outlawed inter-dimensional travel, which is why Gypsy — and her father Breacher — work as bounty hunters across the multiverse. H.R. Wells also originally comes from Earth-19, which is why Gypsy initially tried to hunt him down in Season 3. H.R. occasionally spoke about things like “meta-hominids” and “World War M,” which was an epic gladiatorial showdown between the world’s meta-humans.

In Earth-19, the coffee bean went extinct, so many of its inhabitants obsess over coffee if they visit Earth-1. Technology seems quite advanced on this Earth, considering H.R. had a facial transmogrification device that allowed him to alter his features at will. This Earth also has some strange cultural traditions like Saint Shaquille O’Neal’s Day.

Wells 2.0 has had a rough go of it.

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An apocalyptic world that might as well share space with Mad Max with its desert and cannibalism, Earth-22 is home to Wells 2.0, a member of the Council of Wells. Like many from his Earth, he had to fuse his body with machine parts in order to survive.


According to Cisco, you can ride unicorns on Earth-35.


Yet another connection Cisco made with his inter-dimensional dating escapades, an unnamed woman from Earth-37 was a schoolteacher with a teddy bear fetish. Is that fetish common to people of this Earth? We may never know.

We mostly just see Earth-38's National City on 'Supergirl'.

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Perhaps the second-most important Earth in the multiverse is Earth-38, which is the home universe of Supergirl (and her cousin Superman). In this universe, aliens have been common knowledge for years, and alien threats occur much more frequently than your more traditional meta-human encounters.

"Alright, alright, alright."

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The Wells of Earth-47, H. Lothario Wells, is yet another Council of Wells member, but one that acts like a mix between Hugh Hefner and Matthew McConaughey’s character in Dazed and Confused. Like every Wells, he’s brilliant, but this one’s a bit of a creep.


Gypsy’s father Breacher is an inter-dimensional bounty hunter just like his daughter, and when he spends time hunting down Cisco, he reveals that he killed a “hunter-killer” from Earth-48 and took his magical knife that can penetrate force fields.

In the comics, Earth-48 is indeed home to hunter-killers called Forerunners, the most notable named Viza’Aziv

Earth-X is ruled by Nazis.

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The massive 2017 Arrowverse crossover event “Crisis on Earth-X” saw Iris and Barry’s wedding crashed by Nazi forces from Earth-X, a world in which the Nazis won World War II and went on to achieve world domination.

It’s a terrifyingly dark, industrialized world. Oliver Queen is the Führer with Kara Danvers as his super-queen, and Prometheus in this world is Tommy Merlyn. Earth-1’s Reverse-Flash fled there somehow and joined the Nazi regime at some point.

Until the crossover event, almost everyone in the Arrowverse thought that there were only 52 Earths, but Harry Wells confirmed that there was a 53rd, saying, “It doesn’t have a designation because it’s a place so awful, so horrific, no sane person would ever travel there.”

So unless something goes totally wrong in the Arrowverse, know that they’ll only ever be 53 worlds, and we have zero info about more than half of them. For now, at least.

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