'Black Panther' Interview Video Is Better Than the Trailers


The biggest movie of 2018 is already dominating everything in your news feed, and part of that is because the cast of Black Panther is charming as hell. And if you’re still not sure that the latest Marvel superhero epic isn’t going to be great, then you can take a break from the trailers and just watch a new set of interviews that will get you pumped for the film.

On Wednesday, VICE published a set of interviews with the cast of Black Panther recorded during the European premiere of the film. The interviews are cut together with fresh and kinetic energy, making some of the trailers for the movie seem staid in comparison. Is listening to Letitia Wright, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B Jordan and the rest of the cast talk about the movie the most fun you can have while you wait for the film to actually come out? Answer: yes.

Ranging from topics of diversity to fun, the cast of Black Panther is having a great time. They’re also repping for a movie that is kinder and more thoughtful than some of the Marvel installments before it.

This movie might be created by the huge and powerful forces at Marvel and Disney, but the people in the movie believe in what they’re doing. And listening to them talk about it, will probably make a believer out of pretty much anyone else, too.

Black Panther opens this Friday. Here are a few photos from the European Premiere snapped by VICE photographer, Adama Jalloh.

Adama Jalloh

Adama Jalloh

Adama Jalloh