HomePod Broken? Apple Reveals Repair Price for Smart Speaker

Don't drop it.


Don’t break your new HomePod. That’s the message from Apple, which released details of its repair service on Friday as its Siri-powered smart speaker hits stores.

The HomePod is Apple’s much-anticipated answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Priced at $349, the speaker promises high quality sound in a unit measuring just seven inches tall and 5.6 inches wide. A seven beam-forming array with individual drivers and precision acoustic horns works together with an Apple-designed four-inch woofer (packing 22 millimeters of excursion) and automatic bass equalizer. An array of microphones listen out for a “Hey Siri” command to invoke the A.I. assistant, and there’s even a microphone insight to judge the position of the woofer.

Early reviews have been positive, despite a turbulent development schedule. The company finally announced HomePod at its June 2017 developers’ conference, slated for a December launch. It unexpectedly slipped past this date to ultimately launch earlier this month.

Watch the HomePod in action here:

If you do end up breaking your new smart speaker, the amount you pay depends on when you break it and how you want to pay:

  • Repairs covered by the included warranty are free. The warranty lasts for one year and comes as standard.
  • If you had the foresight to pay $79 for AppleCare+, you get an extra year of service and two years worth of phone support. This means repairs covered by the above are free for two years instead of one.
  • AppleCare+ also covers two incidents of accidental damage during the two-year period, charged at $39 each.
  • Repairs outside of the above scenarios cost a staggering $279. That’s just $70 less than the price of another new HomePod.
  • Shipping the HomePod costs an additional $19.95. This is convenient if you don’t live near an Apple repair center. Apple sends you a box through the mail to place your HomePod and send it away.

If you have pets or small children, you might want to opt for the AppleCare.

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