'Westworld' Season 2 Easter Egg Reveals How Many Other Parks Exist


Westworld ended its first season with the reveal that the immersive Old West theme park wasn’t alone — there was also a Samurai World, and who knows how many more? Well, the Westworld Super Bowl trailer included hidden clues leading to a secret website, and now we all know exactly how many parks Delos has other than the titular Westworld.

Potential spoilers follow for Season 2 of Westworld.

As it turns out, the trailer released Sunday for Westworld’s second season contained a binary code that, once deciphered by a redditor, led to a new promotional website for the series: DelosDestinations.com.

At about the 0:33 mark in the Super Bowl trailer, the binary code flashes across a screen in the background as some host bulls charge at Delos security guards. That decoded into, which then leads directly to this new website, riddled with more mysteries.

Though much of the website’s information is scrambled by faux computer viruses and/or hidden behind some fake firewall — typical! — we do get concrete confirmation that Delos Corporation has exactly five other parks with Westworld being the first.

Here’s that Super Bowl trailer:

The Season 1 finale of Westworld teased something we might as well call Samurai World, and in October 2017, the show’s producers said that the show might go to even more destinations in future seasons.

HBO’s Westworld is, after all, loosely adapted from a brief film franchise from the Seventies. Between the original film and its sequel, characters explored other parks that included Roman World, Medieval World Spaworld (“where old age and pain have been eliminated”), and Futureworld.

Each is exactly what you might expect, and if the show follows suit with the previous stories, then we do have a neat five worlds already lined up.

But just how much will we see of these other worlds in the next season, and how aware are the hosts there? We’ll find out soon enough.

Season 2 of Westworld debuts on HBO April 22, 2018.

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