New 'Pokémon GO' Video Looks Like a David Attenborough Doc

Look at these majestic beasts.

A new nature documentary narrated by Stephen Fry takes us to densely wooded forests, snow-capped mountains, the deep ocean, and somebody’s living room window to marvel at wondrous creatures called “Pokémon.” With a score by composer George Fenton (Planet Earth, Blue Planet), this new video from Pokémon GO feels like we might see it air BBC alongside one of David Attenborough’s nature documentaries.

The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel released the new video Thursday to celebrate a slew of new Pokémon appearing in Pokémon GO. Like other previous promotional videos for the augmented reality mobile game, it places Pokémon character models in real-life nature footage.

The Pikachu-looking Plusle and Minun scamper through a forest, a Wailord has a whale of a good time in the ocean, and a Mudkip lurks in some kind of pond. We see all this while the soothing dulcet tones of Stephen Fry serenades us with the beauty of nature — and of Pokémon.

There’s even an imperious Delcatty that struts atop a building in a city, just like a real cat might.

One of the real highlights comes when a Wailord makes a real splash:

The many Pokémon featured in the video are part of what’s known as Generation III in the main games. Creatures like Wailord and Delcatty originally appeared in the games Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, which took place in the Hoenn region in the world of Pokémon.

Generation III Pokémon began appearing in Pokémon GO around Halloween, with more arriving around Christmastime.

Currently, the mischievous Plusle and Minun are region-locked in Pokémon GO. For instance, only players in North America, South America, and Africa can get Plusle — for now anyway.

Interestingly enough, Masquerain (the Bug/Flying Pokémon that appears in a swarm towards the end) hasn’t been officially added to the game just yet. So if there’s anything players can expect in the near-future, it’ll be that addition.

Across various platforms, 2018 is the Year of Legendary Pokémon: