Elon Musk Just Revealed Tesla's In-Car Audio is About to Get Smarter


Tesla’s in-car audio system is going to get a big upgrade “soon.” That’s according to CEO Elon Musk, who revealed on Monday that an upcoming upgrade will change the Tesla Model S’ audio sound to compensate for wind and road noise.

The CEO was responding to a Twitter query from Model S owner Joseph Huberman, who commented that it would be nice if his car could adjust the sound. In classic fashion, Musk responded with a two-word reply that revealed parts of the company’s software update plans: “Coming soon.”

Audio has become a key focus for electric vehicle makers. With the lack of gas-powered engine sounds, coupled with smart speaker enhancements from the likes of Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod, firms have a big opportunity to reshape the internal soundscape by reacting to external noises. Rival Lucid Motors, currently developing the Air electric vehicle, plans to offer a number of voice commands like the ability to change drive suspension, combined with a specially-engineered cabin to keep out other noises.

Musk also revealed earlier this month that future upgrades to the Tesla Model 3 would allow drivers to do “pretty much anything” through voice commands:

It’s not the first time Musk has casually revealed company plans over Twitter. Indeed, the first hints that he would start his Boring Company tunnel-digging venture came from him complaining about the traffic in Los Angeles. Since then, the operation has expanded to selling hats and flamethrowers, perhaps the first example of a Musk venture borne almost entirely out of Twitter announcements.

On the Tesla side, Musk has also used Twitter to outline the company’s future goals. In December, he revealed plans to produce a pickup truck as soon as the Model Y launches — a budget version of the Model X sports utility vehicle. Musk also revealed an upcoming software update that would use A.I. to activate the windshield wipers when water hits the car, again with the same “coming soon” he used on Monday. That update was released at the start of the year, and it suggests when Musk promises a Tesla software update, he means it.

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