Will Ferrell Introduces Deodorant for Sexual Harassers on SNL

The anti-perspirant that will keep working, "because no one else will."

Will Ferrell was back on last night’s episode of SNL, appearing in almost every skit, including one that introduced a deodorant for sexual harassers called out by the #MeToo movement.

The faux commercial for the anti-perspirant, called “Next,” starts out with the unsightly sight of Ferrell as an office worker with enormous sweat stains marring his blue button down.

He is holding open an elevator door for a female coworker while a voiceover says, “You’re a man, and men sweat.” Then the camera ten introduces a stand-up comic as well as an actor who, it turns out, are both about to have sexual harassment allegations brought against them.

“Yeah, I’m a guy,” says Ferrell’s office worker. “I work hard, I play hard, and something’s coming out about me real soon…because I’m Next.”

Building on this theme, the actor, played by SNL’s Alex Moffat, says from the red carpet“I need an anti-perspirant that’s going to keep working with me, because no one else will.”

“Oh boy, it’s happening.” says the comic, played by Kyle Mooney, as he gets on stage just as everyone in his audience receives a phone notification about an accusation, before continuing with a grin, “but not under here!” He points at his sweat-less underarm.

The tagline of the deodorant is fitting: ““For men feeling the heat…because Time’s Up.”

This is the first time that Ferrell has appeared on Saturday Night Live since the start of the Trump presidency, and he returned to the show an overt goofiness that has been missing.

Some of the other sketches included Ferrell playing a Top Gun-esque pilot who chooses the not-so-cool codename for himself, “Clown Penis”, a reprisal of his old SNL role as George W. Bush in the cold open, as well as a dinner discussion of Aziz Ansari.

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