Browse Securely With These 5 Great, Affordable VPNs

Even for the most basic internet user, a VPN is a good idea.

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Whether you’re one of those breathless movie hackers who eats ramen for every meal and yells things like “I CAN’T MAKE IT GO ANY FASTER” and “BASTARDS LOCKED ME OUT”, or someone who mostly uses the internet to brush up on the earlier Friends seasons, it doesn’t matter: you should use a VPN. They keep your browsing encrypted, private, and safe. Doesn’t hurt that you can also spoof your location in order to see what they’ve got over on British Netflix, too (spoiler: it’s way better.)

In any case, you have to shield yourself against the creeps, international super-spies, and ex’s best friends of the internet. Really, you should have done this way before there was an attempt to repeal net neutrality, but everyone makes mistakes. A VPN service adds multiple layers of security and encrypts your precious personal data, making it difficult for anyone to eavesdrop on what you’re doing. With a VPN subscription, you’re making yourself more anonymous and your activity more indecipherable in cyberspace, which is precisely why you need one.

Below is a rundown of our five VPN picks offering great deals that will guarantee your browsing safety, all available at a discount for Inverse readers: