This Genius 'Back to the Future'-Inspired Snow Car Just Got a Parking Ticket


Simon Laprise/Facebook

Marty McFly probably didn’t count on this happening. A Canadian machinist created a snow car inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12 from the Back to the Future movies on Tuesday evening — only to receive a fake parking ticket from two passing police cars.

Simon Laprise, a 33-year-old Montreal resident, created the replica outside his home. It had an impressive amount of detail, with the base design taking cues from the Mazda RX-7, Nissan 240SX and Pontiac Firebird. Combined with the DeLorean cues, it formed an incredible design reminiscent of 80s and 90s sports coupés, transporting onlookers back to the past in a similar fashion to McFly’s old vehicle.

Later that night, though, it seemed Laprise’s design may have met an early end. On his design Facebook page, Laprise shared images of two cop cars checking out the scene, writing out a ticket for the vehicle.

The cops writing a ticket for Laprise's vehicle.

“You made our night hahahahaha :),” the ticket read.

The parking ticket.

The original post has received over 1,200 reactions and nearly 2,200 shares.

“You did a beautiful job on that!” said Facebook commenter Jean Leonetti Santino.

“In Prague (Czech Republic), the police would call a pickup service for [the] car,” said Facebook commenter Luboš Mann.

It’s impressive, but it’s got nothing on the replica shown at last year’s Oscars. During the 89th Academy Awards, Michael J. Fox and Seth Rogen stepped out onto the stage from a DeLorean replica that was real enough to make any film buff jealous.

The original Delorian DMC-12.


Unfortunately, the real DeLorean was a commercial failure. Originally priced at $12,000, it hit the market in 1981 at an eye-watering $25,000, equivalent to around $70,000 with inflation today. The company hit further troubles after the founder John DeLorean was arrested the year after its release with 55 pounds of cocaine. Nonetheless, the car’s unique door design and inclusion in an iconic film franchise helped it endure through the years and captured the imagination of car fans for generations to come.

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