Here's the Longest iPhone Charger Cable You Can Buy on Amazon

The vCharged 12ft cable is long as hell, but there's a catch.


Wires are out, just ask Apple, who have been in an all-out war with our cables for years now. Airpods are the Bluetooth earbuds of your (poor bass-response, leaky-audio) dreams, and all the new phones can be charged wirelessly (on a pad attached to… a wire).

Though it may not be fashionable, the USB-to-lightning cable is still the ultimate standard of ways to get your phone battery out of the red (or yellow). But! Thank God: Technology has moved past the rinky-dink days of the included-in-the-box charging cable, which taps out at a measly three feet. Three feet! That’s nothing. That’s sad.

Here’s the thing: there’s a whole market of insanely long iPhone cables out there, and they’re great. They open up a whole new world of ways to interact with your phone (read: scroll endlessly through Twitter in bed while you become later and later for work). With a long-ass iPhone cable, you can parade around the room all you want, never losing grip on your phone, never unplugging it.

The longest cable on the Amazon market? That’d be the vCharged 12ft iPhone Charger Cable. Twelve feet! That’s bananas. Here is a list of things that are also twelve feet, for context:

  • $5 footlong Subway sandwiches
  • Roughly how deep the deep end of a swimming pool is
  • 2 tall dudes

Yeah, that’s long! Of course, progress has its tradeoffs, and there’s only so long a wire can get before, well, it just plain stops working. Reviews on the VCharged are mixed at best over on Amazon, with multiple reports of the thing conking out after just a few weeks of use. I’m sorry to say, science hasn’t quite helped us discover the mile-long iPhone cord of our dreams just yet.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to roll the dice on the VCharged, there are all manner of perfectly great, still-very-long 10 foot iPhone cables on the market. My pick? The Anker Powerline+. It’s sturdy, reliable, and, in my experience, won’t break a month after you buy it. It might not be the longest, but it’s safe to assume it’s the best.

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