5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Less than $30 for Working Out

It's a cord-free zone.

Unsplash / Martin Barák

Working out already provides enough to think about — treadmill or elliptical, free weights or machines, the eternal question of whether to in fact skip leg day — without having to worry about that pesky headphone cord getting tangled up as you move your arms. Wireless headphones for cooking, cleaning, and commuting can also become a necessity for anybody who wants to avoid a cord snag.

If you’re considering swapping basic ear buds for wireless bluetooth headphones, there are a ton of options. Here are five of the best worth considering, without breaking the bank.

5. Otium Bluetooth Headphones

The top seller on Amazon, these promise a state-of-the-art sweatproof design, so no need to hold back as you’re blasting your hip workout music like Pitbull or… Dire Straits? Sure, Dire Straits. There’s also a choice of red or black, eight hours of battery, and buttons designed to make it easy to both adjust your music and answer the phone.

($19.99, Amazon)

4. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones promise good sounds for your workout, with noise cancellation — though don’t ask it to render inaudible a nearby lunkhead dropping his weights, because that’s the loudest sound in the universe — and high fidelity audio. The buds themselves are ergonomically designed with flexible ear hooks, so let your inner ear anatomy be as weird as you want it to be — SENSO has got you. ($29.99, Amazon)

3. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones

Offering a lot of the same perks — eight-hour battery and hi-fi sound — as other headphones at a low cost, Cheetah’s most distinctive innovation is what happens when you’re not wearing it. It either rests firmly on your neck or will roll up into a preset shape so that you can pack it away without it getting tangled. ($16.99, Amazon)

2. Avantree Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones set themselves apart most in terms of what’s going on outside of the ears. The cord is designed to go over the front of your ear and around to the back of your head, instead of down to the neck. That’s meant to avoid any stray flapping or jangling that even other bluetooth headphones might sometimes run into. ($29.99, Amazon)

1. LECHGO True Wireless Headphones

As an astute reader, you’ve probably noticed that the previous four wireless headphones all did, if we’re getting technical, have some wires. Small wires, but wires nevertheless! So then, enjoy these truly wireless headphones, which are simply a pair of earbuds. While you might feel some trepidation about, say, going out running in the woods and expecting these to stay firmly in place, they’ve been given the old anti-sweat treatment to give users piece of mind. ($29.99, Amazon

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