Improve Your Life With These 7 Wires on Amazon Prime (Yes, Wires)

You deserve better than what comes in the iPhone box.

Wires are great. This, while not being a controversial stance, might seem like a pointless one. We use them all the time to charge our phones, to watch TV, or to walk across the Grand Canyon.

But there’s potential for so much more. Here are some must-have cables that’ll improve your life, your well-being, and will render those rinky-dink-ass charging cables that come with your iPhone a thing of the past


METRANS USB-C to Lightning Cable

A vital upgrade to the standard Lightning charger. USB-C to Lightning supports up to 14.5 volt charging speeds, when paired with a USB-C power adapter (if you have any of the more recent MacBook models, the included power adapter works just great). At six feet and surrounded by Nylon braid, this thing is better, just as fast, and much cheaper than the standard Apple version. This thing can get your phone from dead to 50 percent in less than 30 minutes, which is pretty damn cool.

Amazon, $16.99


Baseus 3-in-1 Multiple Charging Cable

Nothing is more infuriating than having the wrong connector for the wrong gadget. USB-C is awesome and might actually be magic, but it needs to be a little more prominent before we can throw away things like the Baseus 3-in-1, which provides the luxury of a hydra-like USB-to-micro USB/USB-C/Lightning connection all in one cable.

Amazon, $10.99


Anker PowerLine+ II 10 Foot Lightning Cable

I don’t care who y’are, you need a 10-foot iPhone cable in your life. This thing rules. It’s affordable, sturdy, and you can gesticulate wildly, phone in hand, without having to be anywhere near an outlet, which is, without a doubt, a thing of beauty.

Amazon, $19.99


Because you, and your friends, deserve better than gathering around your tiny laptop and its tinny speakers to watch the latest episode of The Good Place. Connect your laptop to a TV or projector and watch movies like a king.

Amazon, $17.99


Syncwire 6.5 Foot HDMI Cable

Remember the days of the HDMI cable racket? Where Best Buy tried to trick you into dropping $50+ on HDMI with gold connectors, as if that made the slightest bit of difference? Those days are behind us. This $11 HDMI cord is perfect for anything.

Amazon, $10.99


BOJECHER Lightning to HDMI Adapter

Speaking of not watching stuff on tiny screens, afford yourself the luxury of freeing your videos from your iPhone, too. This handy little thing is all you need.

Amazon, $18.99


AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Adapter

Of course, no self-respecting early-adopter would dare embrace USB-C without insurance. Go forth and plug whatever you want into whatever else you want.

Amazon, $7.99

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