Here's How to Make a Snapchat "Your 2017 Story"

Your "Memories" all wrapped up in one Story.

Getty Images / Carl Court

The year isn’t officially over until every platform has forced you to curate a review of your assumedly terrible year.

Like Facebook’s Year in Review and Instagram’s viral “Best Nine,” Snapchat is encouraging users to make a “Your 2017 Story” retrospect.

To stay on trend, the social platform is luring its waning users back by letting them reminisce and share highlights from this year.

Here is how you can make your own Your 2017 Story:

Using the “Memories” tab, which is essentially a folder of your saved Snap Stories, you can select and package some or all of your 2017 Memories, The Next Web reported.

From there, you’re free to share the curated look-back on Snapchat to show off all your adventures (or lack of). If you can’t seem to find the review, it may be due to the lack of saved Memories on your profile, which some users have pointed out.

While the fun feature seems harmless enough, some have had enough of 2017 and would like Snapchat to stop reminding them of it.

The timely feature seems to be Snap Inc.’s latest attempt to fix its stagnant user problem. It’s been a tough year for the company since it went public in February. Not only were its smart glasses, Spectacles, considered a financial failure, it also had a dismal third quarter with over $40 million in losses.

The social company is hoping a redesign to simplify usage and an aggressive Android push will help bring back users who migrated to Instagram Stories.

While these future plans have already been rolled out to select users for testing, the rest of us will have to make due with “Our 2017 Stories.”