'Last Jedi' Trailer Spoilers: New Footage Has Space Horse Action

Hey, you like space horses right? And you like Rogue One? Good. We’ve got a new Star Wars: The Star Wars: The Star Wars: The Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer for you.

For fans who miss the hardcore war-movie vibe of Rogue One, here’s some great news. The latest trailer for The Last Jedi has more than a few thrilling shots of the interstellar military action, including a new scene in which the Millennium Falcon straight up busts its way out of a cavern.

On Sunday, a new Chinese trailer for The Last Jedi surfaced on YouTube. Starting as a recap of the events in the The Force Awakens, the vast majority of footage in the trailer isn’t new. But the stuff that is new is freaking unreal. There’s a lot more footage here of Resistance forces battling both in space and on the surface of the planet Crait. Not to mention, the giant space horses — the fatihiers — are briefly glimpsed crashing through some windows in a casino on the planet Canto Bight.

Here’s everything new we spotted.

The Falcon Busts Out From Underground

In easily the coolest scene from the trailer, the Millennium Falcon, presumably being piloted by Chewbacca and a porg, busts out from being underground the planet Crait. Let’s be honest, it will be hard to top the chase scene with the Falcon from The Force Awakens, but this scene is totally going to kick ass.

The First Order Is Owning the Resistance in Space

We see a lot more of the space battles in this trailer. And from the looks of it, the First Order is practically owning the Resistance on this front. When you’re in a Star Wars movie, and you are losing your war in the stars, things are not looking good for the home team.

Fatihier Rampage on Canto Bight

Back in May, a rumor emerged that Finn would ride some kind of “space horse,” and while we can’t be sure that is what’s happening in this scene, this is probably the newest shot from the trailer. These creatures are called fatihiers, and,, yes, some people do refer to them as “space horses.” Here, it looks like they are trashing one of the casinos on the planet Canto Bight.

Resistance Troops on Crait

In a scene reminiscent of the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, it looks like some of the Resistance forces are stuck in literal trenches, holding off an overwhelming assault from the First Order. If you didn’t know it was The Last Jedi, the shot of the solider with the helmet firing at the TIE Fighters could easily have fit in Rogue One.*.

Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi opens everywhere on December 15. Check out all of *Inversecoverage on the film right here.**

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