‘Westworld’ Star Reveals When We Can Expect Season 2 to Premiere


Game of Thrones fans aren’t the only people who are dealing with a long, long wait for the next season of their favorite HBO drama. Westworld’s first season wrapped up in early December of 2016, but the network revealed it was going to be quite a while until anyone would return the park for a sophomore season. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for eager fans, though, as the show’s star has again nailed down a season when we can expect new episodes.

On Monday afternoon, actress Evan Rachel Wood responded to a Twitter user who asked when Westworld would be returning for Season 2. Wood offered a quick response: “Sping 2018.”

Wood’s tweet isn’t actually new information, as helpful and straightforward as it may have been. HBO’s PR site has listed the show’s return date as “spring 2018” since at least July, but in lieu of an actual, firm release date, it seems fans are eager for information and quick to forget. Chances are anything anyone with the show says about when Season 2 might air will be news until there’s a final, definitive premiere date. (Season 1, for what it’s worth, premiered in the fall).

HBO unveiled a trailer for the upcoming season at San Diego Comic Con, confirming the return of Ed Harris as The Man in Black and Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard. Season 2 will travel to Samurai World, as seen in the first season’s finale, and creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy hinted that we might also see Roman World and Medieval World.

Once Westworld’s second season airs, we can all get back to focusing on what’s truly important: wondering when Season 3 will premiere and getting upset about the wait for the final Game of Thrones season.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere in, yep, spring 2018.

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