Batman Mansplains How Teams Work in 'Justice League' Video

Superhero fans are about to have the movie experience of a lifetime when Justice League arrives into theaters this November. But in a new sponsored video from AT&T that explains Wonder Woman’s character and background, a new, funny scene revealed in the short video shows Bruce Wayne mansplaining to Diana Prince how superhero teams work.

Uploaded on Thursday, AT&T unveiled a new Wonder Woman-centric video, catching fans up to speed on who the Amazonian princess is (which is great for those who somehow didn’t see Wonder Woman earlier this summer). While star Gal Gadot reveals Wonder Woman’s character, in which she is the “glue” who holds everyone together and inspires them to be stronger, the video reveals a funny exchange between Gadot’s Diana and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne.

“She partners with Batman to unite the League,” Gadot explains. In a scene, Diana says: “We’re asking people we don’t know to risk their lives.” Bruce, walking away, replies: “I know. This is how it works.”

It’s… not exactly knee-slapping when it’s written out, but in the actual scene with Gadot and Affleck playing off each other, it’s pretty funny.

Elsewhere, the video shows more of Wonder Woman’s rescue of the bank from robbers and her interactions with her fellow Justice League teammates.

Justice League will be in theaters on November 17.

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