'Justice League' Has a Surprise Cameo From Christopher Reeve's 'Superman'

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Never forget the past. An actor from the 1978 classic film Superman, starring Christopher Reeve, will have a cameo in the upcoming Justice League movie set for release on November 17. And the cameo is none other than Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen. Kind of.

Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in Superman and most recently Emily’s father in the canceled DC sitcom Powerless on NBC, has a cameo as a Metropolis police officer in Justice League. McClure’s appearance occurs when Cyborg (Ray Fisher) saves the cop from a car hurling towards him. Until recently, most of the trailers didn’t show McClure’s cop up close, but a new Cyborg-centric video from AT&T finally shows McClure’s face as plain as day.

Back in 2016, after a special screening of Superman II in Australia, McClure hinted to Superman Homepage that he would have a small role in Justice League.

Jimmy Olsen has changed since McClure played him in Richard Donner’s iconic movies. In 2016, Zack Snyder reinvented the newspaper photographer as an undercover CIA agent, played by Michael Cassidy, who accompanies Lois Lane during her interview with an African warlord. On the TV series Supergirl, Mechad Brooks plays a more suave and handsome “James” Olsen, who secretly suits up as the superhero Guardian.

Marc McClure as a Metropolis police officer in 'Justice League.'


Justice League will be released in theaters on November 17.

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