“Bad President” Trailer Teases Trump-Like Frat Boy Prez

"This is my country... and I'm here to party."

Trashing the white house seems to be the least of the president’s offenses in Bad President, an upcoming short film from Neill Blomkamp’s (District 9) experimental film company, Oats Studios.

The official trailer for Bad President premiered on Thursday, introducing the world to a power-obsessed president who dons sunglasses to make presidential decrees, throws ragers in the Oval Office, decks the presidential limo out like a gold-dipped parade float, and turns Air Force One into a weaponized greenhouse. In this alternate timeline, “Arizona State alumni William ‘Billy’ Coltran became president of the USA.”

“This is my country… and I’m here to party,” the president tells his advisors, right before viewers are thrown into a war-torn part of the world that the president seems to… enjoy watching? Clearly, this president in Blomkamp’s short is a little unhinged, so when he hits up a strip club and starts a party that ultimately ends in a firefight, he seems unaffected. But with all the bombs going off, some patrons at that strip club probably didn’t make it home.

Billy did, though, and he rode in style.

“Bad President” will be available to stream on YouTube soon.

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