‘Rick and Morty' Creators Offer Some (Maybe Trolling) Season 4 Secrets

Contest winners get to record commentary for the Season 3 DVD with co-creators.

The co-creators of Rick and Morty teased fans with “Season 4 Secrets” on Wednesday while revealing some supposedly “canon” information about the nature of Mr. Poopybutthole. But, don’t take it too seriously, because Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are definitely gently trolling their canon-obsessed fans. They want to rouse you into paying for a genuinely cool contest, so it’s all in good fun.

Harmon and Roiland partnered with Omaze on a new fundraising campaign and contest. The winner gets to record the commentary with Harmon and Roiland in Los Angeles for the Rick and Morty Season 3 DVD and they get to eat some genuine Szechuan sauce. Wow.

In the promo video, Harmon and Roiland show what recording commentary might look like as they run through an improvised scene of Rick and Morty with action figures. Morty demands a sip of Rick’s flask at gunpoint (a ton of fan theories involve what’s in that flask). In the background of the video, you can barely make out the words “Season 4 Secrets” on a whiteboard with blurred text directly below. “Mr. Poopybutthole — a lot of people don’t know,” says Harmon, “is actually an adult Meeseeks. That’s canon.”

There's zero chance that Mr. Poopybutthole is actually an adult Meeseeks.

Adult Swim

Clearly, that’s not canon, because even living a few days is an agonizing eternity for the Meeseeks. But we don’t even have to take this too seriously because the creators are clearly just messing around as a way to tease how much fun the lucky winner of this contest will have.

Roiland confirmed to Inverse in July that he and Harmon don’t really engage with the “deep fan theories.” They do, however, read them occasionally, and they love teasing their fans with a bit of good-natured ribbing. Most of us totally deserve it.

Other fun, self-referential bits from the video include when Roiland notes that Mr. Poopybuthole and Morty sound very similar, which is because Roiland himself voices both characters with a similar tone. Morty also confesses his love for Rick, and Rick calls his grandson a “piece of shit.” Just another typical Rick and Morty story right there.

All in all, don’t take anything you see in this video too seriously, but by all means take this contest very seriously.

Fans can enter the contest via Omaze, and all proceeds fund the United We Plan campaign, which supports Planned Parenthood.

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