'Stranger Things 2' Trailer Reintroduces a Mysterious Character


The gang is under enough pressure in Season 2 of Stranger Things without adding a mystery from the past to the pot. That’s exactly what the new, final trailer for Season 2 did on Friday the 13th, though. Despite all the insanity and action going on, there’s a horrifying moment that connects the past with the ‘80s-era present. Eleven’s origin hasn’t been solved yet.

A multitude of scenes flash across the screen in the final moments of the new trailer. One of those clips, of a woman in agony receiving what looks to be some kind of electro-shock treatment with conductors pressed to her temples, is horribly disturbing. The quick scene is followed immediately by a curly-haired Eleven overextending her powers and getting a nosebleed.

These two scenes are probably related — literally — since the mysterious woman is most likely Eleven’s mom, Terry Ives.

Stranger Things fans first met Terry in Season 1 we learned she’d been a lab rat of sorts at Hawkins Laboratory. Fans assume she underwent some pretty nasty, torturous methods of experimentation as Dr. Brenner and his goons tried to unlock the secrets of the human mind. They succeeded, kind of, with Terry’s stolen daughter (Eleven) later on, but the experiments left Terry in a catatonic state.

And if that one agonizing scene in the trailer is anything to go off of, it’s no wonder Terry is the way she is now.

Stranger Things Season 2 premieres on Netflix on October 27.

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