Arrowverse Crossover Features a Second, Surprise Wedding

The CW

When Barry Allen and Iris West finally tie the knot this season as part of the Arrowvese crossover, they might not be the only ones committing to eternal love and fidelity.

In a new photo from the set of Legends of Tomorrow shot as part of the upcoming crossover event, Iris finally becomes a West-Allen by marrying Barry, but standing next to the couple are Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak who are probably getting married at the same time. It even looks like Diggle will be the officiant. This being a superhero universe, these nuptials definitely won’t go according to plan.

This year’s crossover borrows the “Crisis on Earth-X” storyline from DC Comics in which Earth-1 heroes battle their Earth-X counterparts. Earth-X is an alternate reality in the multiverse in which Germany won World War II. Even in the comics, the confrontation coincides with Iris and Barry’s wedding. We’ll probably see evil versions of all our heroes, which isn’t exactly anything new.

Barry and Iris are finally tying the knot.

The CW

Episode 5 of The Flash this season, in which Iris teams up with Felicity for a Girls Night” bachelorette party, serves as a nice prequel of sorts to the larger crossover event. It also looks like that episode won’t be just Iris’ bachelorette party, but Felicity’s as well.

Oliver and Felicity have come very close to marriage in the past, getting engaged and breaking it off during Season 4. Despite Olly accidentally killing her boyfriend in Season 5, it looks like the two are back on track for some wedded bliss.

This year’s Arrowverse crossover featuring all four shows kicks off sometime in November.

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