Now Davos Says Chill Out About ‘Game of Thrones’ Delay Rumors


Whenever anybody involved with Game of Thrones says something about the show, fans freak out — especially when they think it means they’ll have to wait even longer for the final season of the HBO smash to premiere. Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos Seaworth on Thrones, caused a stir in an interview on Thursday when he revealed he doesn’t know when shooting will wrap up. At New York City Comic Con on Friday, though, Cunningham tried to get everybody to calm down.

During a panel for Amazon’s upcoming anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, which stars Cunningham in one episode, the actor explained that he’d be flying to Belfast for the first table read on Sunday, and shooting would begin the week after.

“I have six scripts on my computer that I can’t fucking open because of all the security on it,” he jovially told Inverse at a press event following the panel.

“Even HBO doesn’t know when it’s coming,” Cunningham said, confirming that the premiere date was still unconfirmed, despite what dire signs fans may want to read in production schedules.

“The end date, even from the producers, has not been decided yet,” he said. “It’s all bollocks.”

Chances are Game of Thrones’s final season will still premiere in 2019, but regardless of when the acclaimed series finally wraps up, he says he’d be thrilled to work with HBO and Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss again.

“I have to practice my Confederate accent for Dave and Dan’s new show,” he said, referencing the pair’s next project, a highly controversial alternative history show about a world where the South won the Civil War. But, don’t freak out because of something Cunningham said again. “I’m bullshitting,” he clarified with a laugh.

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