Netflix’s New Series 'Dark' Looks Like a German 'Stranger Things'

'Dark' will premiere on December 1.

Netflix fans are excited for Stranger Things’s sophomore season to premiere later this October, but have they considered how, after they’re done binge-watching it, they’ll have to wait a long, long time for Season 3? Well, an upcoming Netflix show set to come out in December might scratch that itch, as Dark has shades of Stranger Things, only it’s German and looks pretty messed up.

Dark, the first Netflix series to be made entirely in Germany, is set in the small German town of Winden. When two children go missing, several adults in the town are desperate to find them, but that search “opens abysses that turn the concept of time on its head,” a description on a new trailer, which dropped on Wednesday, explains. “The question is not who has kidnapped the children…but when.”

Aesthetically, the trailer looks like Stranger Things and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo had an emotionally disturbed baby, as there’s plenty of rain, missing child posters, strange insignia, and what seems to be a really unpleasant trip back to either 1953 or 1986.


Dark falls on Netflix on December 1, when all 10 hour-long episodes will hit the streaming service. Stranger Things Season 2, in case you forgot, premieres on October 27.

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