'Civil War’ Concept Art Reveals a Very Different Team Lineup

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It’s been over a year since battle lines were drawn between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. But new concept art from a Marvel artist reveals that one particular hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a much different perspective.

On Saturday, Marvel conceptual artist Andy Park uploaded onto his Instagram page a concept piece for Captain America: Civil War, in which Captain America and Ant-Man are fighting on opposite sides. Things were much different in the final version of the movie, with Ant-Man/Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) recruited by Captain America who fought on his behalf. However, Park revealed that things were mighty different in an early draft of the script.

“Yes, I know Cap & him were on the same side,” wrote Park, “but not in an early draft of the script. I’m glad he eventually went on #TeamCap Makes more sense.”

It’s true. Not only is it more fun to see Paul Rudd play off Chris Evans, it makes way more sense that a reformed street criminal like Scott Lang would admire Steve Rogers, himself an outcast until he joined the Super Soldier program. Plus, had Scott joined Team Iron Man, fans would have been robbed of watching Scott fanboy over meeting his hero.

See the image below.

The next Avengers film, Avengers: Infinity War, will be released on May 4, 2018.

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