Green Arrow Is Dark and Brutal in 'Arrow' Season 6 Trailer

The Green Arrow of the CW’s Arrowverse is no saint, but no one expects him to go all Saw on bad guys either. But that’s what Oliver Queen does in a dark and brutal new trailer for Arrow Season 6, airing October 12.

On Thursday afternoon, The CW posted a never before seen trailer for Arrow Season 6, the cornerstone superhero series that the “Arrowverse” has been built upon. And, it’s a pretty dark trailer, with lots of rhythmic pulsing punctuated by silence in between. Also, the Green Arrow burns a bad guy on a RAGING KITCHEN FIRE. I know being a vigilante means having to be ruthless, but this is some next level stuff.

While some key characters to Arrow are missing in the trailer, like Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific, a few important people are seen making their return, such as Deathstroke (Manu Bennett), Black Siren (a returning Katie Cassidy), and the new Black Canary (Julia Harkavy). There’s also a newcomer, Oliver’s son William, played by young actor Jack Moore who has a creepy The Sixth Sense-type vibe. In the beginning of the trailer, the kid points to his father and calls him the “bad man” he sees in his dreams. Whoa.

Arrow Season 6 will premiere October 12 on The CW.