The Green Arrow of the CW’s Arrowverse is no saint, but no one expects him to go all Saw on bad guys either. But that’s what Oliver Queen does in a dark and brutal new trailer for Arrow Season 6, airing October 12.

On Thursday afternoon, The CW posted a never before seen trailer for Arrow Season 6, the cornerstone superhero series that the “Arrowverse” has been built upon. And, it’s a pretty dark trailer, with lots of rhythmic pulsing punctuated by silence in between. Also, the Green Arrow burns a bad guy on a RAGING KITCHEN FIRE. I know being a vigilante means having to be ruthless, but this is some next level stuff.

While some key characters to Arrow are missing in the trailer, like Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific, a few important people are seen making their return, such as Deathstroke (Manu Bennett), Black Siren (a returning Katie Cassidy), and the new Black Canary (Julia Harkavy). There’s also a newcomer, Oliver’s son William, played by young actor Jack Moore who has a creepy The Sixth Sense-type vibe. In the beginning of the trailer, the kid points to his father and calls him the “bad man” he sees in his dreams. Whoa.

Arrow Season 6 will premiere October 12 on The CW.