Deathstroke May Be Adjusting to Normal Life in ‘Arrow’ Season 6

The CW

Several months after Prometheus bombed the remote island of Lian Yu, the deadly mercenary Deathstroke may finally have a normal life in the sixth season of Arrow. In a new behind-the-scenes Instagram photo from actor Manu Bennett, Slade Wilson looks chill (but dressed to kill) in what may or may not be Star City, the home of the Green Arrow.

On Tuesday morning, Bennett uploaded a selfie to Instagram while in full Slade Wilson makeup, complete with eyepatch, chilling in a sunny spot somewhere in the Vancouver Film Studios lot. In his caption, Bennett pretty much confirms that he’s on the set of Arrow Season 6, which will premiere on the CW on October 12. “The Sun Never Sets,” Bennett writes before adding several hashtags: “#Arrow Season 6 #sladewilson #deathstroke.”

While the set’s urban skyline is obscured, the background has a strong resemblance to the set buildings used to portray Star City. Heck, Bennett may actually be sitting in Mayor Oliver Queen’s comfy leather seat, because those window drapes look awfully familiar.

In any case, based on the fact Bennett is in makeup, it’s safe to assume that Deathstroke — who lent a hand to Oliver/Green Arrow while on the island — may finally be free and is adjusting to normal life. Or, well, as normal as life can be, when you’re a one-eyed ruthless killer who goes by the name Deathstroke and once tried to take over the city with drug-induced super criminals. But hey, you can’t blame him — he was doing it for love!

With Deathstroke already confirmed to return next season on Arrow, it’ll be curious to see just how “normal” Slade Wilson can become.

Arrow will return on Thursday, October 12 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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