Netflix’s ‘Punisher’ Will Probably Start Streaming on This Date


Frank Castle’s official return to New York City has been up in the air. Netflix has been hiding The Punisher’s premiere date in every trailer and poster so far — but someone might have figured out when Frank will exact rampaging revenge on his enemies.

On Friday, Reddit user Graeme12895 posted a photo from the November 2017 issue of Total Film magazine to r/MarvelStudios that might have revealed exactly when Netflix’s The Punisher will premiere.

The Punisher will be on Netflix from 13 October,” the blurb from Total Film reads.

If this information is accurate and it reflects the United States Netflix premiere date for The Punisher, this is kind of a big deal. The official Netflix premiere list for October didn’t list The Punisher as premiering anytime next month. So, everyone assumed that fans would have to wait until November to witness Frank tear through the streets of New York City.

The Punisher might premiere on Netflix on October 13.

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