Netflix's Trailer for 'The Punisher' Is Marvel's Most Violent Yet

Netflix has teased its upcoming Punisher solo-series with a series of grainy found-footage clips showing Frank Castle’s brutal vigilante justice, but the full trailer offers a clear look at what to expect. And, well, it just might be the most violent thing Marvel’s ever made.

The trailer opens with shots of Frank’s wife and daughter in happier times, before they were murdered. From there, we see Jon Bernthal suit up in the Punisher’s iconic skull outfit and unleash hell, as he explains what happened.

“They killed my family to get to me as part of a covert CIA operation,” he says in a voiceover as Metallica’s “One” blared in the background. “The man in charge wants me dead. Homeland. The FBI. Everybody’s part of this.”

A new character, the hacker Microchip, proposes an alliance to help take down all these nefarious organizations, but Frank drives a hard bargain.

“One condition. I’m going to kill ‘em all,” he says, which Microchip agrees to.

The Punisher does not make promises he can’t keep. I mean, look at this.


Netflix is still withholding the final release date for The Punisher, as the new trailer again censors the day and month that the series will hit the streaming service. On Wednesday, Netflix released its master list of what’s headed to the service in October and The Punisher was consiciously absent, so it’s looking like fans of Frank Castle will have to wait until November or December.

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