'Justice League' Flash Loves 'Rick & Morty' and Nikolai Tesla

Warner Bros.

The Fastest Man Alive in the DC Extended Universe is the biggest nerd alive, too. In a new image of the upcoming Justice League showcasing Barry Allen/The Flash and his “Flash Cave,” there are little Easter eggs that reveal bits of Barry’s personality, such as his love for Rick and Morty and the celebrated inventor and futurist Nikolai Tesla.

What Happened:

Warner Bros. has just released a new image of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, chilling out in his humble “Flash Cave.” A forensic scientist who is trying to understand his newfound superpowers, Barry has formulas written everywhere on his transparent dry erase boards next to stacks of science books and miscellaneous gadgets.

But while Barry could benefit from a clean sweep, two treasures emerge: Behind him, there’s a TV screen playing Rick and Morty (specifically the Season 1 episode “Something Ricked This Way Comes”). Beside him on his desk, a photo of the famed inventor Nikolai Tesla, whose countless inventions (and tumultuous relationship with Thomas Edison) shaped the modern world.

What It Means:

Barry Allen is a big nerd. Ricky & Morty, the sci-fi animated series on Adult Swim, is a massive cult favorite that boasts prolific fans such as Elon Musk. Although the creators readily acknowledge it’s just a cartoon, the show’s deep exploration into science-fiction tropes and nihilistic themes is altogether awe-inspiring and, at times, depressing. But Barry doesn’t seem to be a party pooper, based on Miller’s previous comments about his character.

Nikolai Tesla, meanwhile, has garnered a higher profile in recent years, with more people acknowledging how “screwed” over Tesla was by his ruthless business partner, Thomas Edison. Their “feud” inspired an episode of the YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History in 2013. Being an older millennial, Barry has definitely watched this rap battle.

What’s Next

Rick and Morty may be more or less just a shout out. But Barry’s understanding of the Speed Force in Justice League may very well come from Tesla’s own revolutionary understanding of physics and energy. It’s not exactly clear how that will play out in the film, but rest assured Barry learned something from the 19th/20th century master of science.

See the new photo of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen below.

What a nerd.

Warner Bros.

Justice League will be released on November 17.